Fuld Raises Awareness at SLAMDiabetes Event

The Sum Fuld  Second SLAMDiabetes Event Raises $50,000 for Type 1 Diabetes Research

TAMPA, Fla. — Sam Fuld took a deep breath and dropped his left hand to his hip, armed with a ball. The A’s outfielder stood with his heel on the pitching rubber and brought his hands together. He coiled back with an exaggerated windup. For a beat or two, his back faced the batter a few dozen feet away.

Fuld unfurled and whipped a pitch to home plate, where a boy in a Darth Vader outfit stood in the right-handed batters’ box. Vader ripped a grounder down the third-base line. There was a force play at the bag. Fuld finally exhaled and pumped his fist. The Fighting Fulds missed the playoffs a year ago at the inaugural SLAMDiabetes Sam Fuld Tampa Classic. Now they had a win to start the day.

“My heart was racing,” Fuld said with a laugh. “I don’t care where you are. You’ve got the ball on the mound in the last inning, it’s intense. I’ve already lost my voice. It’s not even halfway through the day.”

Fuld’s win came at the most generic of the four fields set up at the Magnolia Fields Complex on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa on Saturday. The second SLAMDiabetes Sam Fuld Tampa Classic lasted the entire day and was double the size of the first tournament a year earlier. After raising less than $20,000 in 2014, the SLAMDiabetes Tampa Classic comfortably crossed the $50,000 mark this year.

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