Charitable Strategy

Whether you are an amateur, rookie, veteran, or retired athlete or coach, the value of one’s celebrity can be invaluable to charitable causes. You have a unique gift, not only in the competitive arena, but in your platform to impact the lives of others. However, it can be often be difficult to convert a philanthropic passion to actions that truly make a difference. We have developed a clear strategy to help guide you towards a path that makes a difference—one that is both impactful and sustainable.

Realize Your

Childhood hunger, single parent households, access to facilities, quality education, health and wellbeing. Many athletes have a desire to help children through difficulties they faced themselves when they were younger. Others understand the challenges and heartache that are prevalent in dealing with childhood sickness and disease. And others know they want to help, but are unclear about what charitable causes are the best fit for them—where they can make the greatest impact and where their passion is sustainable. Athletes and Causes will invest our time, at no cost to you, in helping discover your charitable passion.

Engage With The
+Right Causes

The right connections can make a world of difference. At Athletes and Causes, we will work closely with you and the organizations like the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to align you with individuals, companies, and non-profits that share your passion. Through our connections, we will ensure your strategy is aligned with the right cause and with other individuals in the community that share your passion including private companies, other charities, high-wealth individuals, etc.


Athletes and Causes will assist in selecting and developing the best and most sustainable strategy to fit your unique needs. All too often the onerous federal compliance issues, extremely high costs, and the immense risks of running your own 501c3 create insurmountable challenges. Fiscal sponsorship allows you to immediately operate under the “umbrella” 501c3 of Athletes and Causes, at a significantly lower cost and in ways that avoid the compliance and risks inherent in your own 501c3. You can also develop a Donor Advised Fund that provides you with a flexible charitable giving vehicle that allows you to support multiple charities of your choice and on your timetable—while providing immediate tax benefits.

Develop your

Immediately following your decision to allow Athletes and Causes to manage your philanthropic strategy, we will begin work on developing your brand. This involves working closely with you and those you designate to create the name of your foundation, an impactful logo/imagery, develop a high-quality website and social media presence, and introduce your philanthropic efforts to both your actual and adopted home towns. As you engage with your charitable causes throughout the community, we will be there to ensure the story angles and press releases are created and distributed. This includes a significant PR effort associated with the initial launch of your nonprofit, within the first 90 days, and our team will be available for additional PR associated with appearances and events, as needed.

Make a

Either through an “instant” 501c3 or a Donor Advised Fund, you will now be in a position to effectively support your charitable passion. Your Philanthropic Brand will be available to assist other organizations in their fundraising efforts, or can be used in the creation of fundraising events and other activities. Your commitment to these charitable efforts coupled with the public relations and marketing provided by Athletes and Causes will inspire others to give—and further strengthen your Philanthropic Brand.