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Athletes and Causes (A+C) is focused on helping others give back. As described in Realizing Your Passion, A+C believes strongly in the importance of helping thoroughly explore the values and interests to ensure the causes and issues athletes support and represent are sustainable. A+C has relationships many philanthropic individuals, foundations, and companies that share this passion.

The challenge, however, is that most athletes lack the 501(c)(3) status with the IRS that allows them to apply for grants and solicit funds from most companies and individuals that would support their causes. Through our fiscal sponsor program, athletes now have the ability to immediately create a charitable entity that can bear their name and brand and appears to be stand-alone, yet benefits from operating under the “umbrella” of the Athletes+Causes’ own 501(c)(3). Our shared-services model provides access to the the financial buying power of pooled assets, the in-depth expertise of our strategic technology, public relations, and event management partners, and the grant-making and program design guidance of an experienced team.

Rather than requiring the onerous, costly, and lengthy process of launching their own 501(c)(3), by utilizing A+C’s fiscal sponsor program, each athlete’s own foundation, project, or event can gain immediate tax exemption as part of our family of charities. Our operating model enables athletes to apply for grants and solicit tax-deductible funds, while providing access to a team of experienced and highly-skilled foundation management personnel who administer each athlete’s charitable entity at a fraction of the cost of their creating and managing their own 501(c)(3), thereby allowing funds to directly support their passion rather than pay for administration and overhead, be subject to compliance challenges, and subject themselves to potentially significant risks to their brand and reputation.

Other administrative benefits of fiscal sponsorship include:

  • We file the athletes’ foundation’s annual tax returns
  • We conduct the required annual audit of financial statements
  • We issue required tax receipts for donations
  • We provide accounting, banking, automatic coverage under our general liability policy and tending to a host of other federal, state and even local governmental compliance requirements

Additional Services

While these day-to-day administrative tasks are important and often the reason many athletes’ 501c3’s fail, the real strength of Athletes and Causes is our team’s experience in helping you develop and protect your philanthropic brand, while making a real positive impact on the causes that you are most passionate about—ensuring your unique platform as a high-profile athlete is leveraged in the most effective way to benefit others. We do this by providing assistance with and management of:

Developing Your Sustainable Philanthropy Strategy

Project Development & Implementation

Marketing & Publicity Programs

Web Site & Social Media

Special Event Coordination

Charity Appearances

Administration & Compliance

Sponsorship and Fundraising Strategy


Athletes and Causes serves as the home for your foundation and charitable activities, assuming responsibility for its day-to-day operations; however, you remain in charge of your charity, providing direction on how you wish your foundation’s funds to be distributed.

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